Lilly Ward

Junior Rider

Lilly Ward

The daughter of an Olympic gold medalist, Lilly is creating an equestrian legacy of her own.

Lilly is the first daughter of two-time Olympic gold medalist McLain Ward and Lauren Ward. Her sister, Maddy, is also supported by R.J. Classics as she embarks on her own equestrian journey. Lilly’s natural talent as a pony rider is evident and has her destined to climb the junior rankings quickly over the next few years. She started her training under Charlie Moorcroft and remains a big supporter of Charlie’s Moorcroft Conservation Foundation. In the show ring, Lilly wears her father's very first show belt to honor his legacy and remind her that he is “with” her for every stride! When she’s not in the saddle, Lilly enjoys “foot-jumping,” where she jumps horse jumps in the ring on foot — a barn-kid favorite!

Daughter of Olympian

McLain Ward, a two-time gold medalist

Competed in USEF Pony Finals

at just seven years old in 2022

Upperville Colt & Horse Show

Family Class winner

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