10 Best Equestrian Communities to Live Your Best Equestrian Life

10 Best Equestrian Communities to Live Your Best Equestrian Life

Equestrians are known for being more than a little obsessed with their horses and riding in general. That’s why so many equestrian communities exist–for like-minded equestrians to live in close proximity to one another, enjoy high-quality equestrian facilities right outside their front door, and ride their horses every day. In this guide, we’ll highlight some of the best equestrian communities across the country so you can start living your best equestrian life among your peers.

What is an Equestrian Community?

An equestrian community is a residential area or neighborhood specifically designed and developed for people who have a keen interest in the equestrian lifestyle. These communities attract individuals who are passionate about horses and want to live in an environment that supports and enhances their equestrian lifestyle. The goal is to create a community where residents can share their love for horses and enjoy the benefits of living in a horse-friendly environment. Equestrian communities can vary in size and amenities, catering to a range of horse-related interests and activities as well as fostering a strong connection to nature.

What to Look for in an Equestrian Community

Choosing the right equestrian community involves considering various factors to ensure that it meets your needs and preferences as a horse enthusiast. Here are some key aspects to look for in an equestrian community.

Adequate Facilities & Amenities

Ensure that the community has well-maintained and properly equipped equestrian facilities, including stables, barns, riding arenas, and riding trails. A network of riding trails is essential for horse owners who enjoy trail riding. Check if the community has safe and well-marked trails that cater to various riding preferences, such as wooded trails, open fields, or scenic routes. The quality and accessibility of these facilities can significantly impact your ability to enjoy equestrian activities.

Stable and Barn Services

If you plan to keep your horse on-site, consider the quality of the stables and barns. Look for features such as spacious stalls, grooming areas, feed storage, and access to knowledgeable staff and instructors. Additionally, the community stable should have a dedicated veterinarian and farrier on call.

Community Rules and Regulations

Understand the community’s rules and regulations related to horse ownership. This includes zoning laws, restrictions on the number of horses allowed per property, and any architectural guidelines that may affect the construction of equestrian facilities on your property. Some communities allow horses to live on individual properties, while others only allow horses to be boarded at their stable.

Quality of Infrastructure

Assess the overall infrastructure of the community, including the condition of roads, fencing, and other equestrian-specific amenities. Well-maintained infrastructure contributes to the safety and enjoyment of horse owners as well as the overall aesthetic of the community. Keep in mind that well-maintained communities often come at a higher price point than others.

Community Events and Activities

Inquire about the community’s commitment to organizing equestrian events and activities. Regular events, such as horse shows, clinics, or trail rides, can enhance the sense of community and provide opportunities for socializing with fellow horse enthusiasts.

Community Atmosphere

If possible, spend time in the community to get a feel for the atmosphere and the relationships among residents. A supportive and like-minded community can enhance your overall experience as a horse owner.

Proximity to Amenities

Consider the proximity of the equestrian community to essential amenities such as feed stores, tack shops, and other services relevant to horse care.

10 Best Equestrian Communities in the U.S.

There are countless equestrian communities throughout the U.S. with unique features and amenities well-suited for horse enthusiasts. We picked just a few notable equestrian communities that stood out for their exceptional amenities and tight-knit neighborhoods–take a look and see which community stands out to you.

1. Sarasota Ranch Club

Sarasota, Florida

Florida is an incredible place for equestrians to live for a multitude of reasons, from the mild weather to the rich horse culture found throughout the state. Sarasota in particular is a highly popular area for equestrians as it boasts several areas, stables, and communities. Sarasota’s location along the Gulf Coast also provides equestrians with the opportunity to combine their love of horses with beach activities.

Sarasota Ranch Club is one of the finest equestrian communities in Sarasota. Featuring miles of trails, lush pastures, and stunning nature, this exclusive gated equestrian community is perfect for horse enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

2. Meadow Wood Farms

Marion County, Florida

Comprised of small estates and horse farms, Meadow Wood Farms is a peaceful, secluded community for equestrians. Its eighteen hundred acres are filled with rolling pastures and lush landscapes beyond any equestrian’s wildest dreams. This community is incredibly tight-knit and family-oriented, perfect for growing equestrian families. And, since it’s only twelve miles from Ocala, residents have easy access to the World Equestrian Center where countless equestrian events are held annually.

3. Spring Island

Okatie, South Carolina

Located in the gorgeous low country of South Carolina, Spring Island is a veritable paradise for horse enthusiasts. Residents can board their horses at the Spring Island stable or purchase one of the equestrian residences on site. When ready to exercise their horses, residents can choose from one of several arenas in the community to put in some work.

Spring Island has more than just equestrian amenities. A fully functioning farm provides a bounty of produce for residents along with the restaurants on site. Members can also enjoy a wide variety of musical performances, art programs, and more, making Spring Island a magical place to live for many.

4. Rarity Bay on Tellico Lake

Vonore, Tennessee

Rarity Bay is a gorgeous lakefront community situated on the shores of Tellico Lake. This thriving community features a championship golf course, tennis courts, and a professional equestrian center complete with a lighted show arena. Rarity Bay residents can also enjoy 125 acres of riding trails throughout the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.

5. The Fields Equestrian Community

Cameron, North Carolina

The Fields Equestrian Community provides a variety of activities in the style of the Southern Pines and Pinehurst Equestrian Community while embracing the natural beauty of the North Carolina countryside. In addition to riding trails, The Fields also features full-sized dressage and jumping arenas as well as a cross-country course, perfect for English-style equestrians. Each farm is intended to blend with the natural landscape and follow a consistent design throughout the community.

6. The Coves Mountain River Club

Lenoir, North Carolina

For mountain lovers, The Coves Mountain River Club is the ideal equestrian community. Their equestrian facility boasts vaulted ceilings, a dedicated tack room, and expansive pastures spanning 8 acres. At Round Mountain Ranch, some full-time residents personally tend to their horses, while others opt for professional horse care services.

In addition to the on-site equestrian center catering to residents with horses, The Coves also includes spacious home sites tailored for horse owners to board their horses right on their property. These parcels range from 4.5 to 30 acres, each featuring enhanced pastures. Many of these equestrian parcels are adorned with spring-fed streams that gracefully wind through both the parcel and pasture areas, adding a picturesque and natural element to the landscape.

7. Tryon Equestrian Farms

Mill Spring, North Carolina

Build your ideal equestrian home in the beautiful community of Tryon Equestrian Farms. Each available lot is a minimum of two-plus acres with connecting bridal paths and pristine water sources. The beautiful landscape provides acres and acres of riding and open land, perfect for equestrian enthusiasts who also crave gorgeous, open spaces.

Tryon Equestrian Farms is just minutes away from the Tryon International Equestrian Center & Resort, a popular destination for equestrians and horse enthusiasts alike. For competitive equestrian athletes, the proximity to the TIEC can be incredibly advantageous.

8. The Oaks Farms

San Juan Capistrano, California

The Oaks Farms boast gorgeous luxury homes situated in a well-established community in Southern California. This exclusive community features dozens of amenities, including miles of trails and state-of-the-art equestrian facilities. Whether you ride or just appreciate the sport, you can watch equestrians jump and train right from your back porch at The Oaks Farms. With gorgeous year-round weather and breathtaking views, this is the ultimate community for equestrians and horse enthusiasts.

9. Hidden Hills

Hidden Hills, California

Pastoral, idyllic living in the heart of Los Angeles County? It’s more likely than you think. At Hidden Hills, residents enjoy a quiet rural lifestyle that is hard to find in Southern California. Three large equestrian arenas stand on the property, well suited for a wide variety of English riding disciplines. Bridle paths and hiking trails are abundant in this community, perfect for equestrians who want to enjoy leisurely walks with their equine companion. For those looking for a highly structured and tranquil equestrian community, Hidden Hills is the perfect place.

10. Walnut Grove Estates

Lexington, Kentucky

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a community in the Horse Capital of the World. Just twenty minutes from the Kentucky Horse Park, the Walnut Grove Estates in Lexington, KY are an equestrian’s paradise. The Holladay Hills Stable, located on-site, allows residents to board their horses and train in the conveniently located arenas in the community. For equestrians who want to enjoy the positives of farm living with the convenience of an HOA, Walnut Grove Estates is the ideal community.

Community Living for the Modern Equestrian

These equestrian communities are just a few of the amazing places where you can live and enjoy all things equestrian with your peers. If this lifestyle is something you’d enjoy, we encourage you to research each community to ensure you find the perfect place for both you and your horse.

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