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Equestrian Fashion Lookbook: An Outfit for Every Discipline

Here's the latest in equestrian fashion and riding outfits for every discipline that will never go out of style.
Equestrian Fashion Lookbook: An Outfit for Every Discipline

Equestrian fashion is all about tradition–dress code rules are in place to protect the sport’s rich history of iconic elegant sportswear. The traditional dress connects modern equestrians to generations before them who shared in their love of riding.

But traditional doesn’t mean outdated. Since the Renaissance era, fashion trends have been influencing horseback riding attire, and trends continue to shape the way for equestrian fashion. Today, mainstream fashion designers pull inspiration from equestrian fashion, putting a modern spin on items like riding boots and belts. With these continuous developments to equestrian fashion, we can be sure riding apparel will never be out of style.

Guide to equestrian fashion

Equestrian fashion became standardized as horseback riding evolved into the competitive sport we enjoy today. Standards for dress are unique to the different disciplines, but each continues to embody the sophistication, athleticism, and tradition of equestrian fashion.

Though less formal disciplines may stray from tradition, showing dress codes generally require neutral show shirts, breeches, and show coats. Some disciplines require stock ties, shadbellies, gloves, vests, or spurs as well. While riders are required to follow the specific dressing guidelines for competitions, there are some opportunities for creativity and expression in styling while still keeping the focus on the horse.

When it comes to schooling, the style is more casual and relaxed. Equestrians still dress for great performance, but they may wear brighter colors and prioritize comfort by trading their show shirts for training shirts. Reminiscent of “athleisure”, schooling attire is nothing short of fashionable and allows equestrians to express themselves in the saddle.

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Trends to look for 2024-2025

1. Technical fabrics

One of the greatest equestrian fashion innovations of the century is fabric technology. Breeches are made to move with you, wick sweat, and help you stay in the saddle, while schooling shirts offer protection from the sun and show coats are constructed to help keep you cool. Modern equestrian apparel is designed with your comfort and sustainable production processes in mind, and that trend isn’t going anywhere.

2. Nontraditional colors

Traditional colors will never go out of style in the equestrian fashion sphere. But the latest trend is adding a splash of color amidst the classic neutral palette. Pastels are trendy for spring, but vibrant and muted colors are in as well. From a bright coral training shirt to a muted purple breech, sport colors that make you look and feel your best.

3. Expressive patterns

Patterns are all-the-rage. Hidden patterns on collars allow you to add a splash of personality while adhering to solid-colored show shirt rules. Find the perfect pattern to express yourself in the ring!

4. Coat color coordination

In right now? Coordinating your attire with your horse’s coat. Equestrian sports are meant to display the horse’s beauty and grace, so you don’t want to draw attention away from your horse. Instead, opt for colors that compliment your horse and highlight the wonderful team you make. For example, if your horse has a chestnut coat, choose blues and greens instead of reds.

5. Personalization

Equestrians are getting creative to make their style unique while still respecting tradition. Adorning your stock tie or show coat with your favorite decorative lapel pin can fuel your confidence without distracting the judges from your performance.

6. Accessorizing

A little bit of bling never hurts. Wear your favorite subtle pieces that won’t get in the way when you ride. From horseshoe earrings to a fun colored belt, elevate your look with accessories that let your inner horse girl shine through.

Equestrian fashion by discipline

Equestrian sports have been officially established for well over a century, with fox hunting having started in the 15th century and dressage going back as far as 350 BC. That’s a lot of tradition! Today, dress standards continue to reflect equestrian disciplines’ rich histories. But each discipline’s fashion is constantly evolving to modernize the look and meet equestrians’ athletic needs with innovative attire.

Show jumping fashion

Jumpers typically wear white or light-colored show shirts, white or neutral breeches, and dark, tailored show coats. Depending on the competition’s restrictions, you may be allowed to wear a show shirt in a subtle color, and you can always opt for a dark green, gray, blue, purple, or brown show coat instead of the more traditional black.

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Hunter fashion

Hunter fashion is similar to show jumping fashion, just more conservative. Hunters may wear collared show shirts and breeches in the same colors as jumpers. Show coats must be free from distracting buttons or ornate stitching, and generally, they should be black, navy or another dark color.

Dressage fashion

Rooted in military history, dressage is known for elegance and formality. Black show coats or shadbellies are traditional, but subtle patterns and darker colors are permitted as well. Riders may also embellish their show coats with crystal buttons, stitching details, or other creative additions that add a little personality. Any solid-colored show shirt is allowed, and riders traditionally wear stock ties.

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Fox hunting fashion

Fox hunting fashion is deeply rooted in tradition. Compared to other disciplines, the dress code is much more rigid, so fox hunting fashion trends are typically related to the quality and construction of the traditionally required pieces. Fox hunters wear light-colored breeches, white or light-colored show shirts, yellow or tattersall vests, white stock ties, and tweed, black, or navy hunting coats. Red coats indicate experience and distinction and are reserved for hunt masters, officials, or staff members.

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Equestrian fashion lookbook

Looking for the perfect look for your discipline? We’ve come up with a lookbook of our favorite fashion-forward show and schooling outfits that achieve the polished look the judges expect without sacrificing personality and style.

Outfits in our lookbook: Jumper show | Jumper schooling | Hunter show | Hunter schooling | Dressage show | Dressage schooling | Fox hunting

Show jumping outfits

Jumper show outfit

show jumper outfit

Brynn Short Sleeve Show Shirt

This short sleeve show shirt is all class with a pop of pattern. The Champagne print is hidden when it’s zipped up for a professional look, but with the collar down, your bubbly personality will show. Plus, it’s an athletic fit with fabric that’s lightweight and buttery smooth for maximum comfort when you show.

Harmony Mesh Show Coat

Elevated and athletic, the Harmony Mesh Show Coat respects tradition while giving you some flair. The Deep Plum hue and modern back seams tie in the latest equestrian fashion trends, and the vertical zipper pockets are the perfect practical addition. This show coat is lightweight and breathable, made with your comfort in mind.

Hayden Silicone Knee Patch Breech

Every show jumper needs their go-to white knee patch breeches, and we promise, these will become yours. Featuring R.J.’s signature quick-dry, stretch fabric and Comfort Stretch Waistband, the Hayden Silicone Knee Patch Breech is the perfect combination of comfort and structure. Complete with sleek modern details, you’ll be riding in style with these breeches.

Lilo Collections Daroca Spur Reversible 1.5″ Belt

We love this reversible belt from our friends at Lilo Collections. With quality Spanish craftsmanship, this sleek design is elegant and luxurious, with a spur buckle for the perfect touch of detail.

Parlanti Passion K Riding Boots

Parlanti is an Italian brand known for its expertly crafted riding boots, and these are no exception. Constructed with genuine buffalo leather, these boots are durable, flexible, light, and comfortable. If you’re looking for timeless style with the latest technology, the Passion K Riding Boots are for you.

Jumper schooling outfit

jumper schooling outfit

Jordyn Long Sleeve Crew Neck Shirt

“Effortless” is the anthem of modern fashion, and this training shirt is nothing less. The modern crew neck design, flattering seamlines, and subtle tonal texture will elevate your schooling look, while the nylon fabric keeps you cool when you work up a sweat. The Jordyn long sleeve training shirt is the perfect basic for any rider.

Hayden Silicone Knee Patch Breech

With quick-dry, stretch fabric and the Comfort Stretch Waistband, the Hayden Silicone Knee Patch Breech is the ideal blend of comfort and support. The modern details, muted green color, and mid-rise fit will keep you in fashion and feeling your best.

Lilo Collections Hanover 1.5″ Belt

This stylish orange belt is the perfect pop of color! The Hanover belt puts Lilo Collections’ unique handmade designs on display. Add a touch of personality to any schooling or show outfit with the beautifully ornate bit buckle on this statement piece.

Parlanti Neve Riding Boots

Made for jumping, these calfskin leather riding boots from Parlanti are comfortable, durable, and flexible. The blue stingray top adds beautifully subtle detail to a classic jumping boot style, modernizing any equestrian ensemble.

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Hunter outfits

Hunter show outfit

hunter show outfit

Tori Long Sleeve Show Shirt

The Tori is a modern spin on a classic long sleeve show shirt. The hidden Handbags collar is the perfect hint of glam, while the athletic fit gives that polished look the judges expect. Plus, the buttery smooth, lightweight, quick-dry fabric will keep you feeling comfortable and confident as you perform.

Monterey Show Coat

For a classic look with all the comfort and convenience modern fashion has to offer, choose the Monterey show coat. The premium fabrics are cooling and quick-drying with sun protection, and the coat features removable white sleeve cuffs so you can wear a short sleeve show shirt without sacrificing style when things heat up. Complete with back number holes, a completely unconstructed design, and a hidden zipper under the traditional 3-button styling, this show coat has a perfect fit while still allowing you to move freely.

Gracie Knee Patch Breech

With a mid-rise fit, comfort stretch waistband, and tummy control pocket design, these breeches will leave you feeling comfortable and confident in the saddle. The Gracie breech also features traditional Clarino knee patches to help you grip on jumps. Sand is the perfect classic color for hunter competitions–it’ll wow the judges and keep you cool!

Lilo Collections 1.5″ Estribo Grande Belt

The Estribo Grande belt in black and silver is the perfect versatile riding belt. The stirrup buckle gives you a subtle equestrian flair, but the classic design adds sophistication to any show look. As a bonus, Lilo Collections makes completely customizable belts, so you can personalize it to match your unique style.

Parlanti Dallas Pro Field Boots

Made to last, Parlanti’s Dallas Pro field boots are constructed from buffalo leather and double-stitched for unparalleled durability and stability. The sole is formed with rubber and modified latex for flexibility, while the calfskin interior lining offers luxurious comfort. Plus, the incorporation of shock-absorbing technology in the heel makes these riding boots an ideal choice for hunters.

Hunter schooling outfit

hunter schooling outfit

Libby Long Sleeve 1/4 Zip Shirt

Featuring a new lightweight and luxurious fabric, the Libby schooling shirt will keep you cool, dry, and protected from the sun. The bright aqua color and subtle horseshoe microprint make a statement, while the ¼ zip style and athletic fit reign in a put-together training look.

Gracie Knee Patch Breech

The Gracie Knee Patch Breech was designed with function, comfort, and style in mind. With a secure yet flexible fit and knee patches for gripping, you’ll train with confidence so you can perform at your best. Muted colors are in right now, and Evening Blue is the perfect soft blue to keep even your schooling outfits on-trend.

Lilo Collections Burgos Bit 1.5″ Belt

We love this Burgos Bit belt from Lilo Collections for any schooling outfit! The debossed repeating bits pattern makes this belt the perfect playful accessory in and out of the saddle. Plus, the beautiful Chestnut tone goes with any breeches and training shirt combination.

Parlanti Lirico Riding Boots

Parlanti’s priorities are quality and a perfect fit, and the Lirico riding boots make that clear. The elastic laces and back panel offer a snug and flexible fit, while the calfskin leather and lining contribute to the boots’ durability. The leather spur rests and stingray whip holder add exquisite detail and elevate any riding look.

Dressage outfits

Dressage show outfit

dressage show outfit

Liv Long Sleeve Show Shirt

Dressage fashion is elegant and formal, and this show shirt epitomizes the refined style of traditional dressage attire. The feminine seamlines and intricate bit microprint add a touch of distinction to the timeless dressage aesthetic, while the white collar and front bib uphold the classic look under your show coat.

Melody Mesh Show Coat

If you’re looking for the right show coat to complete your dressage ensemble, look no further than this four-button beauty. Elevated yet athletic, the lightweight Melody mesh show coat is breathable and comfortable so you can perform at your best in the arena. And when you need extra flair, the interchangeable button design allows you to switch up your look with the silver buttons included.

Kaia Silicone Full Seat Breech

The Kaia breech is a must-have for every dressage rider’s wardrobe. The silicone full seat offers excellent contact with the saddle, and the stretch fabric moves with you through every trot and canter. The white color plays to the elegance of the dressage discipline and looks great with any show shirt and coat combination.

Lilo Collections Horton Horseshoe 1.5″ Belt

This belt from Lilo Collections is sleek and stylish, and the Horseshoe buckle is the perfect token of luck for competitions. Not to mention we love how put-together the matching silver belt buckle and show coat buttons look!

Parlanti Dressage Evo Riding Boots

Made especially for dressage, the Parlanti EVO riding boots have a reinforced external boot-leg and external cut to encourage a longer leg. They feature a zipper in the front to maintain the boot’s structure, and they’re handmade with full-grain calfskin leather for maximum quality.

Dressage schooling outfit

dressage schooling outfit

Amy Short Sleeve Crew Neck Shirt

Ideal for warmer schooling sessions, the Amy short sleeve crew neck features cooling and wicking fabric, as well as sun protection. The microprint mosaic design adds subtle modern detail, and the Lavender color is the perfect pastel to keep your outfits trendy.

Kaia Silicone Full Seat Breech

With its mid-rise fit and premium quick-dry and stretch fabric, the Kaia breech is made for comfort and performance. The full-seat grip is ideal for dressage riders, and Excalibur is a trendy gray color that will complement any training shirt.

Lilo Collections Daroca Spur Reversible 1.5″ Belt

This reversible belt can be black or brown, making it the perfect go-to schooling belt. With the beautiful spur buckle, pebble grain finish, and white stitching details, this belt is minimalistic yet stylish.

Parlanti Dressage Evo Riding Boots

If you believe the way you school is the way you show, you’ll love these Parlanti dressage EVO riding boots for training and competitions! The design is sleek yet versatile, so they’ll go with any dressage outfit–from schooling to showing!

Fox hunting outfit

fox hunting outfit

Sofia Long Sleeve Show Shirt

This classic white show shirt is a staple for any fox hunter’s show wardrobe. The Sofia features a stock tie loop and hidden zipper placket for a clean look under your show coat. The wicking and stretch fabric and sun protection will keep you cool and comfortable as you compete.

Aiken Hunt Vest

Every fox hunter needs the perfect Canary hunt vest, and the Aiken has you covered. This beautiful vest includes a lined back, waist pockets, and brass buttons for that timeless styling fox hunting requires.

Bedford Melton Hunt Coat

The Bedford Melton is a formal Italian Melton wool hunt frock–a must for fox hunting fashion! It features three buttons in the front and two back buttons, as well as double venting and a detachable tab collar for maximum comfort.

Camden Pre-Tied Stock Tie

Look professional with none of the hassle! The Camden stock tie is pre-tied for your convenience but provides the same classic fox hunting look as a traditional stock tie.

Gulf Knee Patch Breech

With a euro seat and breathable knee patches, these breeches are built for comfort and performance. The Gulf breech is constructed with quick-dry and stretch fabric and mesh lower leg panels to keep you cool and comfortable on the hunt. We recommend these breeches in Sand for a classic, elevated fox hunting look.

Elevate your style

Shop show-ready looks from R.J. Classics to elevate your style while protecting the sacred equestrian tradition. We value quality, fashion-forward styling, and attention to detail, so you can be sure our riding apparel is always on-trend.


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