Show Shirts

Elevate your style with our premium equestrian show shirts. Made from breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics, our show shirts help regulate your body temperature for ultimate comfort in the arena. Choose from short and long sleeve show shirts in a variety of styles and colors. Perfect for riders of all levels.

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Blue Oxford


Show Shirts for Every Occasion

When it’s competition time, you need a show shirt that fits like a glove while providing ample stretch and freedom of movement, keeps you cool and dry, and looks amazing while you ride, even under a show coat. Show shirts from R.J. Classics fit the bill and more.

Our equestrian show shirts are designed to provide superior athletic performance and fit a variety of body types. Using 37.5® patented thermoregulation technology, our shirts help your body manage its core temperature and, therefore, increase your stamina as you compete. We use the finest quality materials for our show shirts for maximum longevity and functionality, ensuring countless wears in the show ring.

Performance, Quality, Style

R.J. Classics is proud to offer premium women’s equestrian show shirts that don’t skimp on performance or style. Whether you prefer a traditional style or like to showcase your personality with a patterned collar, we’ve got you covered. We pack performance into every garment we make, and our show shirts are no exception. With superior stretch, moisture wicking, and sun protection, our show shirts are designed for maximum comfort and athletic performance each time you enter the ring.