6 Best Equestrian Communities in Florida

Florida is well known as a paradise for equestrians seeking the perfect blend of year-round [...]

How to Wash and Care for Equestrian Apparel

Proper cleaning and care of riding apparel are crucial for your safety, comfort, hygiene, and [...]

How to Dress for Horseback Riding in the Winter

If you’re anything like us, you love riding year-round. Lower temperatures don’t stop you from [...]

10 Best Equestrian Centers in the US

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5 Top Flatwork Exercises for Horses (Beginners Guide)

Flatwork is incredibly important for equestrians as it allows you to build trust with your [...]

How to Get Into Professional Horseback Riding

Professional horseback riding is rewarding but requires hard work and dedication. Learn how to get [...]

6 Types of Horseback Riding Competitions

Equestrian sports have a rich history dating back hundreds of years. Today, horseback riding sports [...]

Horseback Riding Outfit Ideas by Discipline

When it comes to horseback riding, wearing appropriate attire is important for comfort, safety, and [...]

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